+ Design process


  • R&D & Consultancy

In every project start, the key is to collect as much information as possible. Market research, materials, manufacturing process and innovation. At Nusa, we understand that it is of the absolute importance that a design evolves naturally and we know the right steps in order to guarantee a final success.

  • Design

We believe that a good product is the sum of our experience and passion applied to every project we do. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, well manufactured, economic, user friendly, safe and environmentally conscious.
Once the product has been visualized in our minds and paper, the design stage starts. The final result of the design stage is the final sketch of the product, with all the details and possible manufacturing procedures.

Our expertise fields are:

Consumer product design

Automotive industry

Sport Industry

Consumer hardware and electronics

Medical devices

  • Engineering & CAD CAM

With the final concept design in our table, the CAD modelling phase starts. We use the latest software technology and engineering knowledge in order to achieve the excellence. During this stage we can offer 3D prototypes and photorealistic rendering.

  • 3D Visualization

This step is highly recommended for evaluate and check the concept before hitting the market. It gives to our clients an idea of how their products will looks once being in the market.

  • Sustainable design

As a designers, it is our responsibility to make environmentally friendly products in order to protect our earth. Implementing waste reducing methods in manufacturing process, we aim to design products which consumers like to use for long periods of time; made as sustainable as possible. 

  • Prototyping and Manufacturing

We offer our clients prototype & manufacturing services. We work together with the best producers and provide a monitoring service of the process manufacturing cycle.

Our design studio is equipped with the latest 3D printing tools and softwares to ensure the best quality during the development stage.